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despondent (2019)

Director, Co-Writer, Executive Producer

Despondent is a short film that explores the cyclical nature of depression through the use of color, light, camera movements, and human interaction. Prod. Company: Unemployed Pictures

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morning dove (2019)


Morning Dove is a short film that follows the story of Maria, a young high school dropout, whose mission to free pets from their owners is complicated by Randal, a released dog who finds his way back home. Prod. Company: Katya Kaminsky Productions

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sheets (2018)

Co-Director, Executive Producer

Sheets is a short film that explores the relationship between a couple. The ups, and downs, all on full display in their bedroom. Prod. Company: Katya Kaminsky Productions

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Penner (2018)


Penner is a short, silent, black-and-white experimental film set in late 1930s Poland that focuses on the transport of Jewish children to America just before the Holocaust. Based on a true story. Prod. Company: EMP Films

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Our park bench (2018)

Director | Writer | Editor | Executive Producer

Our Park Bench is a short film that explores the relationship between a father and a daughter, and their inevitable progression through life. Showcased in their favorite place: 'their' park bench. Prod. Company: Katya Kaminsky Productions

Awards: EVVY Award for Outstanding Single-Camera DirectionTop Shorts Award for Honorable Mention: Score; Golden Film Award for Best Student Film; Canada Shorts Honorable Mention

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editing propaganda (2018)

Lead Producer

Editing Propaganda is a documentary film focusing on how the media influences us with messages, and how easily those messages can be reconstructed to put forth ideologies that are completely separate from their original counterparts. dir. Achinoam Morell; Emerson College Senior Thesis

Awards: Top Shorts award for Best Documentary, The Monthly Film Festival Award for Best Documentary, West Coast Festival Award for Best Documentary, Canada Shorts Award of Commendation

traitor (2018)

Lead Producer

Traitor is a short film that retells the true story of the capture of British Major John Andre by the Spymaster Major Benjamin Tallmadge and the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution. dir. Benji Dunaief; Building Block Productions

Shoot. a web series - Season one (2017)

Creator | Director | Producer

A picture is worth a thousand words; each episode of "Shoot" is a snapshot looking beyond the picture and behind the camera.


In an attempt to drum up a headshot-photography business in Boston, Todd (Travis Amiel) commits to offering a small number of free shoots in a makeshift studio out of his apartment, which he offers to a succession of strangers including an anxious conductor, a curt college admission counselor, and an empty-nester father. As Todd’s camera focuses on this revolving door of colorful characters, we also begin to get a clearer view of the circumstances that sent him to Boston, and what his photography is helping him to overcome. Prod. Company: Whatabean Productions

Older Releases


Director | Editor | Executive Producer

A music video to Sara Bareilles' live cover of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadEmerson College

Looking (2017)

Director | Co-Writer | Co-Producer | Editor

Looking  is an experimental short film exploring the weight that surveillance carries, inside and out. 

Shot on a Bolex camera with 16mm black and white reversal film. Non-synchronous sound. Emerson College

In*spi*ra*tion (2016)

Director | Producer | Editor

In*spi*ra*tion is a short documentary of Young Americans sharing their stories and experiences of life on the road. Showing the many different forms of inspiration. The Young Americans

In tandem (2017)

Lead Producer

In Tandem is a short film that focuses on Annie, a mid-twenties queer woman, who plans a date with her significant other on a tandem bike. Naturally, madness ensues. dir. Chrissy Fay; Emerson College

obstacles (2016)

Director | Writer | Producer

Obstacles is a 1-minute short film exploring unexpected obstacles in a relationship. Emerson College

I Will (2015)

Director | Producer | Editor

I Will is a short piece produced for The Young Americans. A group of Young Americans exclaiming what they will do or be in the world. The Young Americans Advanced Performance Class